May 31, 2016 / 1:20 pm / Glass House

When I was four years old, riding in the car one day with my Aunt Alba along Ponus Ridge in New Canaan, she said, as we came near to Philip Johnson’s home on Ponus, “behind that wall is a house made of glass!”  She pulled the car over and lifted me up so I could have a peek.   That was the way most New Canaanites got to see it back then.  Sure enough, there it was!   This beautiful glass box.   I was mesmerized.   I couldn’t believe my eyes – a house made of glass!  The image of what I saw that day was burned into my little brain.

Well – fifty years later (now you know how old I am) I had the pleasure of what might be one of the highlights of my professional career.  Designing flowers for a private party held at the Glass House this past Saturday night.

This was not my first time at the Glass House.  Five years after I began working at Earth Garden I did a sympathy arrangement of all white peonies for David Whitney and delivered it to the house after Philip Johnson’s death in 2005.   In May of 2014 Tom Ford was launching their new fragrance “Black Orchid” and held a reception at the GH.  I did a large arrangement of purple Vanda orchids which sat on the coffee table.

I’ve also done the tour a couple of times when the house became open to the public.

But this occasion last Saturday was different in that it allowed me to have quite a bit of freedom in the design.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that the client was ideal – allowing me to “run” with a cohesive design we came up with – mountains of purple lilac and deep red peonies!

It turned out to be a beautiful evening and all seemed to be very pleased.  Both The Glass House staff and Elm restaurant, who did the food, were wonderful to work with and the installation was smooth and professional.

I am grateful to my Aunt, whom I credit for instilling in me a love for beauty and art, for lifting me up that day to to peek over the wall to see the house made of glass.  Who would have ever guessed that 50 years later I’d be on the other side of that wall!

Go visit the Glass House!

– Kyle