Kyle Riccoboni Creative Director

Born and raised in New Canaan, Kyle is a fine art painter by training. His fashion career began as a stock-boy in Westport, CT.  This led him to become the window director at the Macy’s flagship store in New York City; merchandising director of several Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the New York area and fashion director of the Stamford, Connecticut store. A self-taught floral designer, Kyle has always had a love and passion for plants and flowers.  He attributes this to his father who was always in the garden. During his years in the fashion business, Kyle began his own floral design business where he learned many tricks of the trade . In 2000, Kyle joined the Earth Garden team because “the company promoted creativity and had a discerning eye.” Kyle is now the Creative Director of Earth Garden and is the public face for our clientele in coordinating weddings, parties, events and decorating projects.