Nancy "Nan" Whitehurst

Nancy "Nan" Whitehurst Director of Client Happiness/Designer

Born outside Chicago, Nan moved to New Canaan when she was six and graduated NCHS.  Some of her earliest and fondest memories are of watering tulips, pinching snapdragons and being amazed at the beauty of the flowers that her Grandma hand-painted onto china.  Not surprisingly, Nan jumped at the chance to work in an English garden-style flower shop during her time at Northwestern.  After graduating, she worked in corporate communications in New York City and Chicago.  The love of flowers eventually called Nan back and she joined an innovative, dynamic floral and event design company in Los Angeles. Family brought Nan back to the East Coast and eventually to Earth Garden.  You will find her during the week in the New Canaan shop managing, designing and grateful to be surrounded by such beauty.  She currently resides in Norwalk with her fiancé, Paul.