April 25, 2016 / 1:10 pm / Pick up a pen and write – for heaven’s sake!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged*, Earth Gardens 89 Elm Street mainly because we’ve all had a very busy holiday season. But I’m glad another one has passed and we can now look ahead to spring! I’ve just returned from the Atlanta gift show known as AmericasMart. I had two very full days of shopping and finding great merchandise that y’all will be able to see in our retail shop at 89 Elm Street in New Canaan as well as the Design Studio in Wilton. But now – onto what I really wanted to talk about. I just found out that this Saturday, January 23rd, is National Handwriting Day! What!!!? I never knew such a day existed. I’m so excited about that. I’m passionate about beautiful handwriting and take great pride in my own. It’s so sad to me that cursive is no longer taught in school. Who made that decision? Children will no longer know how to write a letter in long hand or address an envelope in script! Anyway – what DOES remain (and you’re probably wondering at this point what this blog has to do with Earth Garden) are our individually hand written enclosure cards that we send out with every order you dear customers place. When you dictate a message to us over the phone we copy that message BY HAND onto one of our lovely Earth Garden cards printed with our signature tree in shadowed silhouette using one of our chocolate brown felt tipped pens. Ab – so – lutely! Most flower shops peck out your message on a computer in some unemotional font! Not Earth Garden!! In fact, one of our associates, Jan Bryant, is a professional calligrapher! So if she happens to be in on the day you place your order you’ll get one of her exquisitely hand written cards. We look forward to hearing from you. Send flowers  Saturday, January 23rd, in honor of National Handwriting day and we’ll pen your message with love! Happy writing! Kyle

* Note this blog was originally published January 2016